Cloud enthusiast WANTED! 🚀

Like playing with automation, have a solid knowledge of configuration of linux servers🐧 Do you really want to dig deeper into the cloud services from AWS, AZURE, or Google Cloud? We always try to simplify and work efficiently. Does this resonate with you? Let’s meet and have a chat.

As we are leading the cloud services market in the Czech Republic and Central Europe, you’ll find that we are mostly DevOps admins. We provide outsourcing of cloud/server infrastructure, migration to cloud, build stable and secure solutions for clients from around the world from different business fields. That way we can try a large number of technologies and there is a space for new approaches and ideas.

We are a click away from our clients and so each day is different. We welcome everyone who wants to grow and constantly expand their knowledge and experience. We are open to new ideas, that we can incorporate into our work.

You can expect informal startup environment and relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

What will be your job?

  • migrate projects to the cloud or build them there (AWS, Azure)
  • automate and standardize using Terraform, Docker or Ansible
  • design HA solutions for web / database / email / big data /... and implement them
  • communicate directly with customers on projects and keep them satisfied
  • fix bugs and tune-up service performance
  • work on serverless/big data/machine learning projects if you are interested
  • you’ll get a project and space to tune it up to perfection
  • implement a CI/CD pipelines

What you should be good at

  • familiar with AWS or Azure or Google Cloud
  • have basic knowledge of Ansible, Docker, K8s or Terraform - at least one of them :)
  • administer Debian or CentOS servers
  • configure Apache or NGINX, MySQL or PostgreSQL, Redis, ...
  • be able to script in BASH / Python / GO (automation scripts, etc.)
  • have knowledge of English at a communicative level

What will work in your favor?

  • be certified by Amazon AWS or another similar service
  • have experience with HA systems such as HAProxy, Traefik, Keepalived, GlusterFS, DRBD,
  • have experience with Kubernetes or Openshift

Technologies and services we most often use

  • AWS, Azure and Google cloud
  • we automate with Ansible, Docker, Terraform - we have IaaC as standard
  • Graylog, ELK, Grafana, Prometheus, LOKI
  • Jenkins, GitlabCI (primarily), CircleCI
  •  we operate Docker in Kubernetes, ECS or Rancher
  • ZFS with Proxmox, HAProxy, Keepalived, DRBD, GlusterFS, ObjectiveFS
  • Percona MySQL server, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, etc..
  • NGINX or Apache with PHP-FPM, Apache / Nginx Proxy
  • we use Zabbix, CloudWatch, NewRelic, .. for monitoring

Interesting numbers from our projects :)

  • we are working on a migration from Oracle EE to PostgreSQL on AWS which will save our client more than 1.5mil$ per year on license costs!!
  • more than 150 different clients
  • more than 5000 WordPress hostings
  • we send over 3 million emails a day
  • we are building a web hosting for 100,000 sites on AWS

You can look forward to:

  • an informal environment full of passionate admins
  • we are located in Karlin famous for cafes, pubs, and restaurants
  • we will give you support in personal growth and education - we will pay for certifications and training
  • access to online courses on udemy, acloudguru or linuxacademy
  • home office, sickdays
  • variable working hours
  • possibility to work while studying
  • possibility of a share in the company's profit
  • our experience and the opportunity to learn a lot of new things
  • ice cream in the freezer and breakfast in the fridge :)
  • regular barbecues and other events

It is essential for us that you do what you are good at, what you enjoy, and others will appreciate. If you struggle with something, you're not alone, we have a great support system and sources to help you.

Wanna work from your bedroom, cafeteria, office, beach, or a camp in Nevada? We really don’t care. The outcome is what is important to us.


We always listen to our team and add new benefits that they can find useful.



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Multisport card

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Sick days

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Free food and drinks
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Want to meet us first?

Come to see us or spend the day at our offices and get to know us better. Schedule a meeting with project managers and HR.

Where to find us


Trustsoft s.r.o. (Czech R.)

Karolinská 661/4, 186 00 Praha 8

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Trustsoft GmbH (Switzerland)

Poststrasse 5, 8001 Zürich

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Trustsoft (London)

12 Moorgate, London EC2R 6DA

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Ask our CTO

As part of a larger team involved in the migration, we were given the task of preparing an in-depth pre-migration analysis, as well as scripts for a successful and flawless migration. During the analysis, we found out the volume and amount of data on disk and in e-mails, the number of users, the number of websites running in the cloud, etc.

Jan Kortus