Cloud foundation

Successful cloud journey starts with a firm foundation

It is actually quite simple, you need a firm foundation whatever you are trying to build. The cloud is no different. But then the magic happens. You can scale, automate, leverage your business and nothing will hold you back.

Our team of more than 50 certified cloud experts will help you create that foundation or as we call it “landing zone” and design a stable, scalable and secure infrastructure using best practices and innovative technology. Our methodology focuses on automation so with fast replication of the cloud environment you will have better control and governance of your tech strategy.

With our approach you can easily manage cost, improve security and accelerate delivery.

How cloud can improve (accelerate) your business

  • 100 % availability during peak times
  • self-healing infrastructure
  • cost reduction
  • improved performance
  • strong security and compliance
  • faster digital transformation
  • quick proof of concept projects
  • scalability and flexibility
  • automatic updates
  • disaster recovery“compliance with one click ready security standards

Cloud providers we work with

We work only with the best of the best
As proud Advanced partners of AWS (Amazon Website Services) we can provide you with the state of the art technology, best practices proved and tested on millions of clients around the world, special price bundles and credits and of course teams of certified senior cloud specialists that are always happy to help.

But we are not stopping there, Microsoft Azure is another provider whose services we and our clients often use. 

We also can't forget Google Cloud that specifically during Covid pandemics helped us support education through online learning with Google Classroom in many affected schools.

How we work

Cooperation brings the best results.


Meet & discuss

We can meet in person or online on the platform you prefer.


Solution proposal

Based on the performed analysis, we adjust what is needed and prepare the most effective solution.


Client onboarding

We work closely with the developers on the assignment and involve your team members to get the best result.


Monitor & analyze

We report status at least twice a month and we work in close contact with you.

See our customers success stories

No matter the field, situation or the initial set up, we delivered. We love to make the journey to cloud easy a secure and that is how our clients like it. Please see our success stories.

"We are working with Trustsoft for several years. They have migrated our infrastructure to AWS and are managing it. We are happy to work with them."
"A very helpful team experienced with a variety of AWS services."
"I'd like to emphasize very good cooperation with Trustsoft. Their approach is very professional and they react to our wishes swiftly. They've been a great help for our internal projects."
"Passionate and skilled engineers & architects + Delivered full-featured AWS based environment for our application development including baseline for EKS deployments and CICD pipelines + Great push towards fulfilling challenging deadlines"