PoC - Proof of Concept

Not sure if it will work in the cloud? sure if it will work in the cloud? Test and validate your idea in AWS with our help quickly and efficiently.

Our team includes skilled and certified cloud architects and engineers, who are experienced in specific areas (see use cases below). Feel free to contact us for a tailored list of references.

We will help you create a proof-of-concept (PoC) / prototype / minimum viable product (MVP) based on your business need. Validate your idea quickly and cheaply.

We specialize in these areas:

  • application modernization, containerization and serverless, data storage migration, content delivery network (CDN)
  • backup and disaster recovery (DR) based on your business continuity plan (BCP)
  • database modernization (e.g. Oracle to PostgreSQL), SAP migration
  • continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) and DevOps
  • security and compliance, monitoring
  • machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, internet of things (IoT)

With respect to the area of the PoC, AWS services will help you with:

  • increased operational resilience
  • increased staff productivity
  • improved business agility
  • cost savings compared to on-premise or other cloud providers

We help customers with less AWS experience or not enough internal resources to build a PoC, including account structure, IaC while implementing best practices and sharing knowledge along the way.

The proof-of-concept will be a streamlined project backed by our project manager and customer satisfaction representative. Together, we define the project scope based on your ideas and a plan of action to create and evaluate the proof-of-concept efficiently and hassle-free. If the PoC is succesful (you define what the definition of a success is), we are ready to help you build the full-scale solution as well.

How we work

Cooperation brings the best results.


Meet & discuss

We can meet in person or online on the platform you prefer.


Solution proposal

Based on the performed analysis, we adjust what is needed and prepare the most effective solution.


Client onboarding

We work closely with the developers on the assignment and involve your team members to get the best result.


Monitor & analyze

We report status at least twice a month and we work in close contact with you.

See our customers success stories

No matter the field, situation or the initial set up, we delivered. We love to make the journey to cloud easy a secure and that is how our clients like it. Please see our success stories.

"We are working with Trustsoft for several years. They have migrated our infrastructure to AWS and are managing it. We are happy to work with them."
"A very helpful team experienced with a variety of AWS services."
"I'd like to emphasize very good cooperation with Trustsoft. Their approach is very professional and they react to our wishes swiftly. They've been a great help for our internal projects."
"Passionate and skilled engineers & architects + Delivered full-featured AWS based environment for our application development including baseline for EKS deployments and CICD pipelines + Great push towards fulfilling challenging deadlines"