Trustsoft Adoption Framework

This is how we do it. Our adoption framework is a step by step guide based on best practices and hands-on experience.

The majority of companies want to improve and they feel the pressure to be better, more flexible, secure and accessible. With that said the time struggle is real.  They think they are simply too busy to improve. And why is that? 

The whole cloud concept could be for most overwhelming. But with the help of the right cloud partner the migration to the cloud can be painless.

To make things easier we developed special adoption framework based on our hands-on experience and best practices to show you that there is nothing to be afraid of or worry. We know what to do and after 13 years in the business and almost 50 certifications there is nothing that can surprise us.

Trustsoft Adoption Framework


There are 5 phases or our adoption frame work:


First step is to define your needs. We will work together to create business case. Understanding the big picture will help us to tailor the clear/perfect strategy for your business.

  • Introduction of Trustsoft as cloud partner  
  • Introduction to cloud services
  • Introduction partner incentive program (AWS MAP, Azure ECIF)  
  • Questioning meeting (Needs & Requirements)  


In close cooperation with you we gather all necessary business & technical information related to the defined scope.  Trustsoft then crafts optimal solution for individual workloads, project plan, roadmap and delivery timeline. 

  • Migration Readiness Assessment  
  • Best practices adherence (environment & workloads)  
  • Technical Analysis
  • Total Cost of Ownership  
  • Delivery planning  
  • Education & Trainings  


To build something solid we need solid foundation. In this phase, we set up proper governance & security standards of your cloud environment. We build and test solution prototype to validate designed properties.

  • Governance and central management  
  • Security Best Practice  
  • Compliance with Regulatory Standards  
  • Solution prototype (environment & workloads)  (POC - if needed)
  • Minimum Valuable Product - validation and testing  


We will help you Modernize any on-premises application or implement any changes to your cloud-running workloads. We help our customers and operate cost-efficient solutions with added-value (automation, DR and other non-financial benefits).

  • Smart Migration  
  • Database Freedom  
  • Cloud Support 8/5 (pilot or production ramp-up)  
  • Migrate > Monitor > Optimize approach  


Trustsoft will take care about your cloud environment so you can focus on what is most important. Your business.

  • Infrastructure/Application Operations
  • Support
  • Best practices adherence (environment & workloads)  
  • Monitoring & Optimization (continuous improvement)
  • Education & Training

Our adoption framework proved to be very useful as well as explanatory for our customers. We are ready to help you no matter where you stand on your journey to the cloud.

How we work

Cooperation brings the best results.


Meet & discuss

We can meet in person or online on the platform you prefer.


Solution proposal

Based on the performed analysis, we adjust what is needed and prepare the most effective solution.


Client onboarding

We work closely with the developers on the assignment and involve your team members to get the best result.


Monitor & analyze

We report status at least twice a month and we work in close contact with you.

See our customers success stories

No matter the field, situation or the initial set up, we delivered. We love to make the journey to cloud easy a secure and that is how our clients like it. Please see our success stories.

"We are working with Trustsoft for several years. They have migrated our infrastructure to AWS and are managing it. We are happy to work with them."
"A very helpful team experienced with a variety of AWS services."
"I'd like to emphasize very good cooperation with Trustsoft. Their approach is very professional and they react to our wishes swiftly. They've been a great help for our internal projects."
"Passionate and skilled engineers & architects + Delivered full-featured AWS based environment for our application development including baseline for EKS deployments and CICD pipelines + Great push towards fulfilling challenging deadlines"