Neeco - Backup automation and uninterrupted service availability

Neeco is a Czech company that provides IT services on a global level. And they really took it from the ground up. They operate in 160 countries around the world, and that requires top-level services, as well as a sophisticated internal system, as they arrange software and hardware implementations, management, and support for their customers. What made all their efforts for impeccable service more difficult were not only some old applications that were hosted on their own local servers but also complications with database backups. But when there’s a will there’s a way – Neeco hired an app developing team and Trustsoft to design and prepare development environment and help with Neeco’s main goal, which was digital transformation and uninterrupted service availability.


We were asked to prepare an outline of the steps that would meet the main requirements for price, performance, and safety and to enable easy organization of individual accounts, SSO (Single Sign-On) management of IAM roles and their authorization for SSO. We decided that after the design of the infrastructure, we would solve the situation with the help of EKS + RDS and CI/CD.


Before we started, we found out that Neeco had its AWS account on which the database was running. However, the setting was not appropriate, which resulted in spending considerable funds from the company's budget. For this reason, we started to work on the refactoring of the current setup which reduced costs by two thirds. There were no problems during the implementation, but we encountered one challenge. It was necessary to design a CI/CD flow to automate the build and deploy process, and because GitLab was located outside of AWS, we had to work even harder to ensure the most optimal data transfer.


The implementation went smoothly, and we did not encounter any problems. Costs have also been reduced when transferring applications to the new environment. ECR is running in the background - which is an automatic check for image vulnerabilities, and we take care of the master nodes within the EKS. Thanks to RDS, regular automatic database backups are performed.

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